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General Terms and Conditions of Business

(Valid from 01.01.2019)


  1. Offers

    All of our offers - whether made in writing, over the telephone or orally - are subject to confirmation. We shall endeavour to abide by the prices, quantities, qualities and delivery deadlines offered.


  2. Acceptance of orders

    All orders shall only be valid if confirmed in writing or invoiced by us. Agreements may only be concluded orally or over the telephone if we have expressly decided to exercise this right.

    We shall not be obliged to procure a stock of the goods ordered immediately or to ensure that they are available prior to the delivery date.


  3. Prices

    The prices indicated shall be valid for the performance confirmed or invoiced ex works. The prices shall not be valid for excess quantities, shortfalls or follow-up orders.

    VAT, shipping costs, postage and package are not included in the prices and shall be charged separately. All prices are based on the salaries, costs, taxes and exchange rates prevailing upon confirmation. Should these increase prior to delivery, we reserve the right to adjust our prices accordingly. The foregoing is without prejudice to the imposition of a minimum invoice amount, to any minimum item charges and to the right to revoke any discounts for small invoices.


  4. Quantity tolerance

    We reserve the right to deliver a quantity in excess of or below that agreed upon if necessary due to technical requirements.


  5. Delivery periods

    All statements relating to expected delivery periods shall be non-binding. Such information is provided to the best of our knowledge, and our expectation of compliance with the time limit presumes orderly delivery by suppliers and that ordinary circumstances prevail.

    There shall be no entitlement to claim damages on account of any delay in delivery. In the event that the buyer withdraws from the contract due to any delay in delivery, we shall be entitled to charge any costs incurred. However, we endeavour to communicate the delivery delay in a timely manner.


  6. Force majeure

    Force majeure shall include any events and circumstances beyond our control that have an effect on contractual performance. We shall be entitled to cancel orders either in full or in part without any compensation in the event that a force majeure occurrence affecting us or our suppliers or during transportation renders its fulfilment impossible.


  7. Benefit and risk

    Benefit and risk shall transfer to the buyer upon dispatch, i.e. as soon as the goods leave our premises.

    The insurance of the goods against loss or damage during transportation shall be a matter for the buyer. Any objections must be raised with the relevant transport company before the goods are accepted. The current incoterms apply. Unless otherwise agreed, ex works - 8181 Hoeri - applies.


  8. Payment terms

    Our invoices are payable without any deduction. The payment deadline shall be 30 days after the date of the invoice.

    We shall be entitled, in the event that we give notice of payment default, to charge default interest (ordinary current account interest rate plus 1%) and expenses. Unless otherwise agreed, the default currency is Swiss Francs (CHF).


  9. Payment

    The goods supplied shall remain our property until payment in full.


  10. Tools and moulds

    Any tools and moulds shall remain our property, even if pro rata costs have been charged.


  11. Intellectual property rights

    We shall retain ownership of trade marks, diagrams and projects. It is not permitted to use or reproduce these or to disclose them to third parties without our express approval.


  12. Warranty and liability

    In the event of demonstrably defective workmanship or materials affecting the goods delivered, we undertake at our choice to supply a replacement or to rectify the defect, provided that the defect is reported to us in writing before the statutory or contractual time limit. We decline any warranty or other liability in the event of improper storage or handling, overload or inappropriate use. It shall not be permitted to bring any further claims against us, including in particular to cancellation, a reduction of the price or damages in respect of direct or indirect losses or consequential damages


  13. Notices of defects

    Defects must be reported in writing immediately upon receipt of the goods, and otherwise within 8 days at the latest. If no report is made within this time limit, the dispatch shall be deemed to have been approved.



  14. Returns of goods

    Returns of goods are accepted only in new, unused, unprocessed, unmounted and original packed condition and only with prior agreement. Any costs for goods return for transportation, operations, restocking, etc. will be charged to the credit of goods returns and deducted directly from this amount.


  15. Data protection

    The data will be used for business purposes within the company. The data will not be disclosed to third parties without permission, with the exception of the official authority.


  16. Applicable law and jurisdiction

    Swiss law shall be applicable. The place of performance and jurisdiction for the purposes of all disputes shall be Buelach.



  17. Amendments and supplements

    Any amendments or supplements to the General Terms and Conditions of Business shall only be valid if confirmed in writing by us.


  18. Scope

    Our General Terms and Conditions of Business (valid from 01.01.2019) shall be binding for current and future business (including oral agreements), except insofar as amended or revoked. In case of doubt, only the German version will have priority and legal validity.


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