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Sefiltec History

Sefiltec was founded as a one-man business in 1993. The company has become established in the field of separation and filter technology through to today. Organic growth has led to our current workforce of over 15. Many years of experience in the field of filter and separation technology and custom-made products have turned Sefiltec into an acknowledged and leading specialist company offering a wide range of products and services in the field of process filtration. We are happy to be there as a reliable partner to you, from planning through design to delivery. We offer one-to-one consultancy services for application-specific solutions to problems and special, customised designs for our customers in the fields of industry, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and water treatment etc. Our customer portfolio includes renowned companies.

Thanks to our strict internal quality principles and our logistics center, we can guarantee perfect products and we are ready to deliver.

Our stringent in-house quality principles and our logistics centre allow us to guarantee perfect products and give us high supply readiness, capacity to accomplish the work in the required time, and compliance with performance schedules.

The Sefil tec Separation- und Filtertechnik Engineering Ltd. company's legal form has been that of a private incorporated company since early 2006 (entered in the Commercial Register on 12 September 2005) with headquarters in Hochfelden bei Buelach in Switzerland.

Sefil tec Separation- und Filtertechnik Engineering Ltd. has been successfully merged with its parent company, Sefiltec Ltd., since 1 January 2014. We have aligned our expertise in the field of filtration optimally to customer requirements at our new location at Haldenstrasse 11 in 8181 Höri, Switzerland. The new company location houses a warehouse with an area of 1,040 sq. m, a production facility (manufacturing) with an area of 345 sq. m and an office complex with an area of 322 sq. m. All are welcome to visite us in our new site in Höri.

Thanks to our excellent quality Sefiltec Ltd. celebrated the 25th anniversary in 2018. In September 2018 we profited from this special moment to thank all stakeholders and celebrated with them. And we are already looking forward to celebrating our 30th anniversary soon.