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Filter cartridges

We offer a wide variety of different filter cartridges made of various materials and with various designs.

Wound filter elements

Depth filters made of polypropylene, fibreglass or cotton
Fineness: 0.5 – 150 µm (nominal degree of separation)
Example applications: electroplating baths, solvents, greases, chemical processes and process water conditioning

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Melt Blown filter elements

Thermally bound depth filters made of polypropylene or nylon (nylon 6.6) or PP/PE
Fineness: 0.5 – 100 µm (nominal and absolute degree of separation)
Example applications: beverages (prefiltration), ultra-pure water conditioning and reverse osmosis, electroplating, cosmetics

14 2024 Melt Blown Filterelemente

ProBond filter elements

Depth filters made of acrylic fibres, bound with phenol resin
For high temperatures and chemical resistance
Fineness: 2 – 150 µm (nominal degree of separation)
Example applications: lacquers, paints, adhesives, resins, organic and animal oils and emulsions

15 2024 Pro Bond Filterelemente

Pleated filter elements

Pleated filters made of polypropylene, fibreglass or polyester
Fineness: 0.2 - 150 µm (nominal and absolute filtration performance)
Example applications: beverages and foodstuffs, cosmetics, reverse osmosis, process water, pharmaceuticals and chemicals

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High Flow filter elements

Pleated filter elements for high volumes, made of polypropylene and fibreglass. Can be used in bag filter casings.
Available in the following lengths 20“, 40“ and 60“ (filter areas from 2.2 to 26.8 m2)
Fineness: 1 – 100 µm (absolute degree of separation)
Example applications: water treatment, chemicals, beverages and foodstuffs

17 2024 High Flow Filterelemente

Washable filter elements

Screening elements (fabric mesh) made of nylon and stainless steel
Filter finenesses and lengths on request

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Activated carbon filter elements

Various activated carbon filter elements for adsorption filtration
Compressed activated charcoal or in granulate form.

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Solvent-resistant filters made of PTFE/PFA




0.1- 25 µm


5 - 40"

  • DOE (open ends on both sides)
  • 226 (Bayonet without point)
  • 222 (Plug connection without tipz)
Examples of application

Water treatment, ozone, chemicals, solvent filtration, steam, etc.

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