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Customized products


Besides our standard range of filter housings, our streamlined organisation and our own Production Department mean that we specialise in custom-made products designed on the basis of special basic parameters or requirements.  

  • Filter housing with special-purpose inlet and outlet (modification)
  • Mobile systems, consisting of pump, filter housing, piping, instrumentation and control, complete on a stainless steel carriage
  • Multi-stage filtration units made of stainless steel, steel or plastic with pre-filter and final-filter, piping and instrumentation
  • Switchable twin filter units made of stainless steel or plastic for parallel or continuous operation
  • Coated or lined housings for aggressive fluids

We are always able to make modifications to filter vessels. This relates in particular to the type of connections and the position of the connection ports (inlet, outlet, venting and emptying etc.). The cover closure may comprise clamp-clip, quick-release closure, hasp screws, stud bolts or clasp bolts. A cover lever device or swivelling device is advisable for large reservoirs.

We are also more than willing to perform general welding work or implement complex welded designs. When doing so, we can handle various materials such as steel, stainless steel, Hastelloy C22 and aluminium. Our strengths include reservoir construction, piping and both plant engineering and apparatus engineering.
Don't hesitate to contact us. We will be more than willing to provide you with your special design to meet the needs of your specific application. 


Sefiltec Ltd.

Haldenstrasse 11
CH-8181 Höri

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