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Self-cleaning filters

The cost-cutting and environment-friendly filter systems of Type SF-STRAIN are self-cleaning filters for aqueous, viscous and highly viscous media. Their rugged, easy-to-operate design offers filtration with no interruption in operation and with no need to dispose of consumables. This method of filtration is used widely, for example:

  • Coolants and lubricating fluids in the automotive industry
  • Paint and lacquer industry
  • Metal industry
  • Water supply utilities
  • Food industry and many others

SF-STRAIN Type 70-D/L to 326-D/L

Casing material

Stainless steel 1.4571 (optionally also other materials and plastics)


12 m3/h to 72 m3/h at max. permitted pressure of 6 bar at 80°C

Optional connections

Thread, flange

Filter finenesses

Nominal 25 to 3,000 micron


Gaskets made of FPM or PTFE (optionally also other qualities), electrical connection ratings 400 V, 50 Hz 180 W, enclosure IP 54/IP 65, casing closure quick-release catches or clamping screws

29 2024 SF STRAIN

Automatic self-cleaning strainer 2596

Casing material

Stainless steel/grey cast iron or cast iron


Throughput volume up to 8,000 m3/h

Optional connections

DIN or ANSI flange


Automatic flushing after differential pressure or time interval

Perforated baskets:

Finenesses mesh/micron: 25 to 1,800 micron/materials: polypropylene, stainless steel, Monel and Hastelloy etc.

28 2024 Selbstreinigende Filter