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Coolant conditioning systems

We have specialised in filtration of coolants for machine tools and offer customised filters and systems.

All products, with the exception of a few bought-in parts, are Swiss-made and comply with the most stringent quality demands and most recent technical requirements.

Filter Housings for grinding and coolant filtration

Filter casing material
Stainless steel or painted steel (hue as required)
Optional connections
Thread, flange 
Filter finenesses  
0.5 – 50 µm

Filter elements for grinding

Filter type
folded filter elements or depth filters (for oil only)
  Flterelemente Schleifprozesse 
Filter finenesses
0.5 – 100 µm, nominal or absolute


Band filter systems for grinding

Band filter material
Stainless steel or painted steel (hue as required)
Volumetric flow rate
20 l – 500 l / min  
Special features
Automatic band filter systems/additional filters for ultra-fine filtration

Bag filters for swarf filtration

Casing material
Stainless steel or painted steel (hue as required)
Optional connections
Thread, flange
Filter finenesses
1 – 1250 µm

Coolant reservoirs

Reservoir material
Stainless steel/painted steel (hue as required)/plastic PP
Reservoir content
From 20 to 300 l volume
Special features
Special-purpose reservoirs sized as required

Coolant systems

Complete coolant systems with reservoir, band filter, filter housing, cooler, pumps and control. The coolant systems are designed in cooperation with you and for the particular application. 

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Haldenstrasse 11
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