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Air filters

We offer you high-quality products for air filtration with our GEA Delbag product series. From filter mats through air filter cells to dedusting and suction filters. 

Filter mats

Filtermatten Luftfilter   The high-quality filter mats made of synthetic material, fibre glass or natural fibres are used for special fields of application such as conditioning cabinets and ventilation cabinets.

Bag filters

Taschenfilter Luftfilter   Coarse and fine-dust filtration with the MULTISACK standard range optimises your application. The aerodynamic filter bags minimise the air flow resistance and considerably increase the active area for highly efficient filtration. The filters feature sturdy aluminium or plastic frames.

Suspended-matter filters

Schwebstofffilter Luftfilter   The suspended-matter filters are for use in applications in filtration of sensitive products resp. manufacturing processes. They monitor the air flow rates and thus protect against contamination. The pleated micro-fibres are frequently used in the electronics industry, the chemical industry, the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

Filter cartridges

  Various filter cartridges and (activated-charcoal elements) in addition to round air filters are available for air filtration. The filters are designed to meet the requirements of the application and operating conditions.

Special-purpose filters

Spezialfilter Luftfilter   We can also offer you special dimensions on request. Please contact us for further information.

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