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Stacked filters (modules)

Stacked filters (modules)

Stacked disc cartridges are ideal for demanding filtration applications involving liquids.

The product range seamlessly covers retention grades between 4.0 and 0.1 µm, so that exact adaptation to the requirements can be ensured within this separation range.

  • Reliable product retention through ideal pore structure
  • Use of high-quality raw materials for high clarification performance
  • Economic service life through high dirt-holding capacity
  • Comprehensive quality control of all raw and auxiliary materials
  • In-process monitoring ensures consistent quality

Stacked disc cartridges with high germ retention rate:
These stacked disc cartridges are particularly suitable for cold-sterile bottling or storing of liquids.
The high germ retention rate is achieved through the fine-pored structure of the depth filter sheet and an electrokinetic potential with an adsorptive effect.
Due to their high retention capacity for colloidal ingredients, these stacked disc cartridges are suitable as prefilters for subsequent membrane filtration.

Stacked disc cartridges for achieving a high degree of clarification :
These stacked disc cartridges reliably retain ultra-fine particles and have a germ-reducing effect making them particularly suitable for haze-free filtering of liquids prior to storing and bottling.

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