Why the filter housing is just as important as the filter itself




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The filter housing puts the filter into play

The obvious requirement for a filtration system is that the filter does its job and reliably sorts out contaminating particles. Advanced filter technology will achieve that goal, providing a safe environment for sensitive manufacturing areas. But in order for the filter to work properly and fulfill this task, it needs to have a means to get inserted into the production process. This is where the filter housing comes into play. Such a casing holds the filter in place and enables it to actually conduct the tasks it is needed for.

Filter housing must be sturdy and flexible at the same time

In many industries, filtration is a mandatory process that does not allow for exceptions. In a steadily operating environment, breaks and downtimes are unproductive and therefore must be avoided. On the other hand, filters sometimes need to be changed due to their nonstop workload. But this change mustn’t consume too much time or require too much work, for the machines need to stop running in the meantime. This is why filter housing, while being able to withstand pressure and other impacts, needs to be easily accessible and allow for quick handling.

Fitting your filter housing in

As filtration is a part of the processes in many different industries, the specifications for it can vary greatly. In some industries, filtration must be done with a much higher degree of fineness than in others. Filter cartridges can therefore assume very different forms and sizes and the filter housing must go along with that. Moreover, it must be able to connect the filter to machines, no matter what size or form it has. Specialized manufacturers such as Sefiltec can provide you with a wide range of casing models, all of which can be easily fit into existing systems.

Filter housing, constructed right for you

There are companies that need an entirely sterile environment, because their products could otherwise be too easily contaminated. Others work with high pressure in the pipes or with chemicals that require special handling. These examples illustrate why sometimes filtration units are needed that go beyond the universal standard solutions. Sefiltec’s engineering department is capable of constructing filter housing that meets special requirements such as switchable units, multi-stage filtration or mobile filtration systems that can be used in various locations as needed.

Filter housing and many clever solutions made by Sefiltec

Sefiltec is a Swiss company that has been in the filtration business for many years. Among its customers are businesses from a wide range of industries, including food and beverage, biotechnology, water treatment, chemicals and electronics. For many of these clients, Sefiltec has earned the status of a permanent partner thanks to the constant availability of high-quality filters and filter housings. The company’s sales and service team is at your disposal for any questions about filtration and the optimal solution to achieve the results your products need.


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